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DIY Pallet Entryway Bench

A wooden bench is always appreciated and liked as an outdoor furniture item. There is a strange affiliation in the wooden bench and the outdoor spaces like just imagine a bench inside some premises, this wouldn’t look that great as it would do in the open like in some garden or the patio. That’s why we have made a plan to make a special wooden pallet repurposed bench that would be destined to be placed in the main entryway. And let me make it very clear that it is going to be an extra ordinary pallet wood creation.


First of all you have to make the main frame or the base of this special wood pallet bench in this way, like two long lengths of joining pallet wood planks and on the end of each one there is a dual shaped structure that would be playing as the legs of the bench.
wood-pallet-bench-plan diy-pallet-wooden-bench-plan

The bench top or the main sitting space is going to be designed in the simplest way like we just wanted to refrain from some complicated patterns or some decorative wood work so we just kept it as simple as possible. So the simply made top with the plain pallet wood planks is attached to the recently created lower frame.
wooden-pallet-bench diy-pallet-wooden-bench

Now there was another issue like this was something made from the wood pallet and we didn’t even bother to stain it properly, so we were really concerned that how we can add a bit of charm and attraction in this rough and raw pallet wood project. Then we thought about making this dark stained part right below the main sitting area.

So we cut to size a number of plain pallet wood planks, we rounded off the corners and smoothened them up very nicely and finally we stained each pallet wood plank and attached it to the base right this way.
diy-pallet-bench diy-wooden-pallet-bench

Finally to maintain a certain sequence and some similarity we just had to stain the top as well, and guess what, we went for the best staining option for this purpose and that is the dark brown shade which has always been an ideal shade for all wooden furniture items.

Meanwhile we didn’t forget the legs of the bench, we have deliberately stained them with a bright white shade, and this was done to maintain a contrast and that really looked awesome. Now it is ready to be placed on the main entrance way and would be a real grabber for sure.

Created & Shared by: Mike McDaniel