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Two Awesome Wood Pallets Made Bars

When anyone of us hears the word bars, the bars come to our mind where the people are served with the alcoholic beverages; but here the wood pallet made bars doesn’t mean that they are just for the bars. We will show you that how the reshaping of the shipping pallets can turn them into the bars that a person can place in the kitchen or can use as the reception desk in an office. Here you can view two amazing wooden pallet made bars, one of them is totally made up of wood while the other contains a marble slab which is optional.


We would like to present the recycled wood pallet bar first to show how amazing it looks when nothing is added with the wood, this bar can serve as a perfect reception desk in an office and in a bar as well.



This bar idea comes with the space for placing the computer and telephone can be placed on the second shelf, there is nothing which is giving a bad impression; so it is a good idea to create a bar for the office at home to avoid investing a huge amount of money for it.



Here is the bar idea with the additional marble slab which is optional, individuals can make the whole bar with the reclaimed wooden pallets if they want it to be pure. Different pallets are painted with different colors to make it attractive.



As we have said earlier that the bar can be created to place in the kitchen, it is a great idea to make for the kitchen with the slab over it as it can be used for the vegetable cutting purpose, which requires cleaning it with the damp cloth; so it is better to add a marble slab as it don’t get ruined with water.


Created & Shared by: Mystic Pallet