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Pallets Made Hanging American Flag Concealment Case

There are many things which can be created with the use of wood pallets just like this amazing hanging American flag concealment case in which something precious can be stored. Brown color is used as the base color which is looking awesome and the flag design is appearing prominent because the base color is dark. Nothing much is needed to make this concealment, just the base color and the flag colors are required along with the tools for cutting and assembling the pallets into the concealment case.


There is ample space in the concealment case made up of recycled wood pallets and the individual can use it to store the important items that he/she can’t afford to lose or get damaged. It can be placed anywhere in the home, but the perfect room for its placement is the TV launch.

pallet-american-flag pallet-american-flag-project

As shown here, for the lining design on the flag; one pallet can be painted red and the next one with white paint. For the stars, the base is painted blue and the paint brush of thin surface is used for making the stars of white color on it; which is making it just like a real flag.


There is a box, which is painted blue with stars to store the items in the reclaimed wood pallet concealment case on one side and there is also a box on the bottom, which is shown opened. The lid lies at the base when it is opened.

wooden-pallet-american-flag-idea pallet-american-flag-idea

From the back side, the upcycled wood pallet concealment case is simple and it is painted with brown colored paint as the base. Making a concealment case is a unique idea for those who have time to create something innovative with the pallets and painting the American flag design is perfect for a patriotic person.


Created & Shared by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy