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Recycled Pallets Cable Reel Patio Furniture Idea

These wooden reel or spools are a reliable source of durable furniture and we always appreciate the economy and love the ease that is provided by its round shape with a top already made. We can re-transform these used cable reels to craft a coffee table, to cut it half and make a bar or a hallway furniture or use them in any appropriate design that serves as a utility. A little effort is required to re-transform these cable reels into round bench cum table for its very design that provides a table top by default along with a seating options. We can collect these cable reels for free from the industrial area. Giving it a different pattern or texture is the only concern left after having a crafted spool design.

Recycled Pallets Cable Reel Patio Furniture Idea

The bigger wire reel can be utilized by simply making little modifications for the seating purpose while the top of the table is already crafted round.We have cut the lower round circle from inside to make room for our legs when we sit on it and installed legs to it to accomplish this wonderful looking cable reel furniture.
pallet cable spool furniture

This curved cable reel bench is a ready made item where you only need a sharp cutter in your workshop to cut it half and the shape is ready to serve the visitors. Only placing the legs to support the seat is what needs to be crafted. A well crafted piece of furniture for your garden.recycled cable reel furniture idea


pallet cable reel furniture

Don’t wan’t to waste the whole shape of this used cable reel ? We are at your service to guide you how to craft this round bench cum table with very little effort and skill. Just cut the lower round plate from inside to create room for your legs when you sit on and install four legs to it.pallet cable spool patio furniture

We can deal it in variety of ways. We are at ease to utilize this retired cable reel craft a round table with benches to give your furniture a spacious look. It looks wonderful art craft placed in your garden.
repurposed pallet cable reel furniture

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