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Wood Pallets Made Table with Bottles Storage

There are some materials, which can be utilized when a person wants to show his/her creativity and wood pallets work best it this matter as they are available at low cost and they are easy to restyle. The people use them to create the furniture with the style in their mind, so they end up getting a different looking furniture piece every time they invest time and a small amount of money for arranging and reshaping the pallets. Here we are going to show you a reclaimed wood pallet table with bottles storage for the individuals who love to drink as well as organize the bottles to avoid the mess in the home.

Wood Pallets Made Table with Bottles Storage

Have a look at the table, it doesn’t only contains the space to fit the bottles; but also contains the drawers to place the items used while drinking like the bottle opener.
pallet wood bottle storage table 2

Now here you can see the drawers when opened, they are same in looks from inside as they are from outside. The whole table is of the same color because the wood pallets arranged for creating this repurposed wood pallet table with bottle storage are of same color.
pallet wood bottle storage table 4

The handles attached to the drawers are silver and they are complementing the color of the pallets. There is enough space to fit the bottles and many bottles can be fitted on the table. The pallets can be painted if the person wants the color to match the furniture placed in the surroundings.
pallet wood bottle storage table 3

At the last, we would love to show you that not only the thin bottles can be fitted on the table; but the big bottles can also be fixed as the table contains the space for both. The pallets are used wisely to fit the design on the drawers as you can see the design is behind the handles.
pallet wood bottle storage table 5

Created & Shared by: Jo Sim