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Recycled Pallets Wooden Wardrobe with Clothes Hanger

Wardrobe is something which completes a bedroom because most of the individuals like to dress up in their bedroom, so they need their clothes near their reach. There are many styles of wardrobes available in the market, but if someone wants a stylish and unique looking wardrobe; then he/she can create it at home as we are going to present an innovative idea for creating recycled wood pallets wardrobe with clothes hanger which makes hanging easy and getting the clothes comfortable. Have a look at the wooden wardrobe create with hand and you will surely get impressed.

Recycled Pallets Wooden Wardrobe with Clothes Hanger

Here is the look of the wardrobe, which will look nice if you copy it for your bedroom because you will get a place to hang the clothes to get them without difficulty of opening the door of the wardrobe and finding the clothes.
upcycled wood pallets wardrobe

You can see that the wardrobe is not same in looks as the wardrobe commonly are, there are no doors; but there is space for placing the items of daily use as a wardrobe offers. The items can be placed, which a person uses on a daily basis and the decorative items can also be placed to enhance the beauty of the room.
wood pallets wardrobe

If you have long coats, they can be hanged on the hooks in the center of the wardrobe and the clothes which are not too long can be hanged on the sides. The jewelry set can also be hanged on the hooks of the reclaimed wood pallet wardrobe with clothes hanger.
recycled pallets wardrobe

See the space up the wardrobe, it can be used for placing the items that are not used often; but need to be stored at a proper place. The pallets are painted dark brown, the color can be chosen according to the wall color or the other items placed in the bedroom.
pallets made wardrobe

Created & Shared by: Pequeños Proyectos