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DIY Wood Pallet Garden Gazebo Deck with Furniture

There are many homes with the huge space of the lawn and it should be decorated well to impress the guests because the lawn comes first when a person enters from the main gate of the home. The first impression is the last impression, so if the lawn is properly adorned; then the impact will last longer. If someone cannot invest a huge amount of money for decoration, then arranging the wood pallets and investing a few days will assist in getting a great looking lawn. Here we have an idea for creating recycled wood pallet DIY garden Gazebo deck with furniture, which is good to copy for the decoration of the lawn.

DIY Wood Pallet Garden Gazebo Deck with Furniture

For copying this idea, there is a need of clearing the area on which you are going to create the deck. Then there is a need of creating the base of the deck as you can see here.
diy pallet deck

diy pallet deck idea

Now you need to create the deck by placing the pallets horizontally and vertically to create a strong deck because the furniture will be placed over it and individuals will sit on it, so it should be strong.
diy pallet deck plan

diy pallet deck ideas

how to make pallet deck gazebo

Here you can see the reclaimed wood pallet deck after completion. The pallets are used creatively to create a great looking deck. The pallets are of different color originally and their wise attachment have made the deck impressive in looks. The deck is not too much in height.
diy pallet gazebo deck

See the next step of how you will be going to create the shade with the wood pallets. First of all, you have to arrange the wood straight to create the base of the shade, then you have to place the pallets over them to place the shade to cover the whole deck area under which you will be placing the furniture.
gazebo deck with pallets

gazebo deck with pallets 2

gazebo deck with pallets 3

Here is the look of the Gazebo deck with furniture after completion; the deck is covered from each side with the pallets except small area for entering the area. The furniture is also created with the wood pallets and not a single pallet is painted.
diy wood pallets gazebo deck

Have a look at the upcycled wood pallet Gazebo deck furniture from close, it is neat in looks and no one can judge that it is created at home. The full furniture set is created with the sofa, small single seats and tables of different sizes. It is a proper area to enjoy with the family on the weekends.
pallet gazebo deck furniture 2


pallet gazebo deck furniture

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