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DIY Recycled Wood Pallet Bench Plan

Bench is a furniture piece on which almost 3 to 4 individuals can sit for a gossip session or enjoying a tea party, so it is better to place a bench instead of the separate chairs of the space is less where the seating arrangement is required. The separate chairs occupy much space and every single chair needs a specific amount of money to be invested for seating for 4 individuals, so bench is better and it can be created at home with the wood pallets. The DIY recycled wood pallet bench plan is easy to follow, just have a look.

DIY Recycled Wood Pallet Bench Plan

Let us start showing the idea of pallet bench creation with the first step, you need to make the base of the bench; you can say it is the skeleton of the bench or its base. If it is created right, the final product will be amazing.

diy wood pallet bench

See the base of the bench; it is created with the hammer and the nails. The pallets are strong enough to bear the weight of almost 4 individuals when they are sitting on the bench, so no need to worry for it as it will not break.

diy pallets made bench

Now come to the creation of the seating area, the pallets are attached to the border on both sides with the help of the nails and the hammer. It is not hard to create the reclaimed wood pallet bench as not much effort is needed to attach the pallets with each other. The back of the bench is not created yet because it will be created in the end when the plan is near to completion. The back can be created slightly bent to relax the back, but it is up to the creator of this bench. The pallets attached slightly bent creates the sloppy back of the bench.

diy recycled pallet bench

Now here is the final look of the repurposed wood pallet bench, the pallets are attached straight for creating the back of the bench. The bench is good to be made at home by arranging the wood pallet because it will save the money as well as also saves the space which is required if the person wants to place chairs. The pallets are not painted for this idea, but can be painted depending on the color of the products placed in the surrounding area. The color chosen can be contrast or matching, it can be on the creator’s wish.

diy pallets made bench plan idea

Created & Shared by: Alejandro Sole