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Some Creative Woodworking Ideas with Pallets

Pallets are not only helpful in decorating the home, they can also be used for adorning the office and the other places for business like the restaurants and the bars. The pallets are great in adorning the walls with the wall art and they can also be utilized for decorating the bathroom uniquely. The pallets cannot only be used for pinning on the walls for creating a shelf to place the decorative items; they can also be reshaped into the crafts to place n the ground like the lamps. Here we are presenting some creative woodworking ideas with reclaimed wood pallets.

Some Creative Woodworking Ideas with Pallets

We would like to start with the idea which doesn’t occupy much space, here is the entryway table for the home with less space to place the item for making the area look good. It contains 2 separate spaces with doors and the design is sleek.

pallets wooden entryway table
Created & Shared by: Miriam Makosky 

Now come to the idea for the toilet, the whole bathroom is decorated with the pallets. There is a box pinned under the window for the decoration purpose in which the plant is placed. This is a good idea because it can be copied for a bathroom of any size.

toilet wall art with pallets
Made our boring toilet a little more interesting with pallets. Tony Muso 

Here is the idea for the patio seating arrangement, the design is simple with the sofa designed with the bent back, it is great to relax. The table is small, but looking nice as it is neatly created with the smooth edges. One can save money by creating the furniture for patio at home.

rustic pallet patio furniture
Created & Shared by: Chris Watkins 

Dressers are available in the furniture store at high rate, but a bedroom is incomplete without it. It is not difficult to create a dresser at home and here is the idea to create a 6 drawer dresser which will make the room look great as it gives good looks.

wood pallets 6 drawer dresser
6 drawer dresser 5 ft long, 40″ tall, 20″ deep. Used a little of these pallets crates to make this dresser. David-Wanda Wicker 

Creating a shelf is a great idea if there is a need of decoration, but there is not much space for placing a craft on the ground. Pallets work well when they are restyled into a repurposed wood pallet shelf and we have a proof of this which you can see in the image.

pallet shelf art
My first attempt at a burnt woodgrain shelf with Scottish driftwood tree. Grant Mooey Wing 

We have shown you the wall art idea for the toilet, now here is an idea for the TV launch to make it look unique. It is good to copy if someone wants to make the TV launch decoration innovative and different from other homes.

recycled pallets wall art
Created & Shared by: Jessica Foster 

Here is another idea of creating an entryway table; it is simple with no drawers and no space with the door. It can be used for just adorning purpose by placing the decoration pieces over it. The legs are painted light blue to make it attractive.

Entry Table with pallets
Created & Shared by: Trinate Davis 

Bed is a furniture piece which is expensive, but money can be saved if the person considers making it at home with the wood pallets. Here is an idea for queen size bed with the headboard round in shape to give unique look. The pallets don’t need to be painted for this idea.

pallet queen size bed frame
All pallet Queen, Cherry stain, light poly. Jimmy Smith 

See an outstanding idea of wall decor shelving with the upcycled wood pallets, there is a space to place the items and the great thing about the pallets is that you can pin anything on them easily. You can see how the guitar is pinned on the pallets wall shelving.

wood pallet wall decor shelving
Created & Shared by: Alex Daniels 

Have a look at another great idea of creating a bed with headboard, the design is unique and is not difficult to copy. There is a place to place the decorative items and one can also place the items of daily use on it, it is a good idea to copy for saving money which needs to be invested for buying a unique bed.

recycled pallet bed with headboard
Created & Shared by: Jimmy Smith 

Here is another idea for bed frame, it is painted white and the headboard is v-shaped. The pallets are not difficult to restyle and when it’s the matter of creating an object like bed, they don’t need to be cut in a stylish way which saves time and effort.

wood pallet bed frame
Pallet made queen size bed. Jimmy Smith 

In the last, you can see 2 different products made up of pallets. The wall art and the entryway table are not making the area look weird because the items are made at home, they are looking amazing and they can be created with a little effort.

pallet entryway table and wall art
Created & Shared by: Mike Flournoy


wood pallet wall art
Created & Shared by: Patty Ferson Evans 


pallet bunkbeds bunkhouse
Bunkhouse style bunkbeds from recycled shipping pallets original design. Jimmy Smith 


pallet furiture idea
Created & Shared by: Connie Daniel 


pallet garden door
Created & Shared by: Gwendel Davelaar 


wood pallet rustic chest
Created & Shared by: Trinate Davis 


pallet and wire spool enterance
A couple pieces I built for the Wife awhile back out of Pallet Wood and a Wire Spool. Matthew Miller 


wooden pallet cooler
Created & Shared by: Robert Mandeville 


wood pallet huge box for storage
Created & Shared by: Eric VanDyke


wood pallet single bed
Created & Shared by: Michel Laplante


wooden pallets Recycling box
Recycled Recycling box (mostly pallet wood some old bedframe) Mick Fatticuss


wood pallet table ideas
Created & Shared by: Jeff Huebener 


pallet well art
Created & Shared by: Karin Stevens 


Created & Shared by: Tasha Lawrence 


pallet shelf idea
Created & Shared by: Dylan Franson 


pallets drink cooler f
Created & Shared by: Timothy Baier 


wood pallets sliding door
Created & Shared by: Monica Gonzales Thomasson 


pallets garden furniture set
Created & Shared by: Wynand van Niekerk