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Recycled Pallet Creations by Zanzara Pintus

As I have mentioned this so many times that a whole lot of very creative and efficient people is very much into the wood pallet recycling now days. People have really earned their name as mega starts of the shipping pallet recycling and people really know and admire them. One of these inspirational people is Zanzara Pintus. The creations by this personality have really penetrated to the hearts of the wood pallet crafters and many people count it as their mentor. I guess you are also going to be inspired a lot by seeing the creations by Zanzara.


We are beginning with the pallet wood made coffee table. Who on earth would say that he or she doesn’t need a coffee table in the house? All of us need it pretty badly. Look, the finest shipping pallets are consumed, very professional and flawless finishing is done as well.

While these colorful planters are also a great remedy when you are not having a proper wide spread green landscape and still you are deeply obsessed with the gardening and greenery. These large pallet wood made planters would give you complete freedom to plant all your desired plants in them.

Now this is a bit different pallet wooden creation. Like the new or the beginners could get a bit confused seeing this round shape of this wooden chair, actually the pallet wooden cable reels are utilized in the execution of this wooden creation. The design and shape everything is literally incredible.
pallet-chair wood-pallet-bench

One more thing that is of great concern, is the wooden fencing for all who own a proper green landscape or garden. This has always been a finance consuming factor, since the fencing is being done out of the shipping pallet planks, people are really relieved when they get all this stuff pretty free of cost.

Created & Shared by: Zanzara Pintus