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Repurposed Pallet Bed with Wall Headboard

Some of my regular visitors could ask me a question which for time being could be pretty relevant and valid too that why exactly do I pay so much heed to the pallet wood repurposed room beds? Well, I can counter this question with a number of very befitting reasons like whenever you think about having some rest, the very first thing that comes to your mind is a room bed. We all literally love the wooden room beds. But one scary angle was their sky high prices. But this matter is completely countered with wooden pallets.


Today we are talking about a repurposed pallet bed with wall headboard. Well, when we say the wall headboard, we are actually not referring to that typical wooden headboard that we always see around us, but this would be literally a proper wall cladding which would be complementing the wooden pallet room bed as a headboard.

So before you make up your mind for this certain wood pallet project, you just have to bear this in mind that for this extensive wood pallet project you are going to require a huge supply of the shipping pallet planks.

Once you are done with all necessary arrangements, this is pretty appropriate to go for this pallet wooden room bed. Now have a look on this tremendous creation, the room bed has got a simply artistic and flawless design that technically speaking was too handy to make. No complex patterns or designs were added in this room bed.
pallet-headboard recycled-pallet-bed T

As far as the wall cladding or the wall headboard is concerned, we have covered the whole background with the raw wood pallet planks. They are not only nailed but also pasted with a very heavy duty glue to ensure their strength. So try this excessively handy wood pallet project.

Created & Shared by: Thierry Bertrand