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Repurposed Pallets Wood Chest of Drawers

The basic and entire purpose of re-transformed wood pallets furniture ideas is to help you in creating and maintaining beautiful homes. Their presence pleases your aesthetic senses especially visual. The retired wood pallets recycled into such type of furniture give your home an artistic and architectural look through its rustic and synthetic texture. It is apace saving craft with enough storage option. Addition of this craft to your interior decor will enhance its value. Repurposed pallets wood chest of drawers is the perfect functional and practical hand made craft that worth your time and effort. Lets get started for the project.

Repurposed Pallets Wood Chest of Drawers

This square shaped reused wood pallet chest of drawers offers ample storage space by occupying little space itself. You can change its shape or increase the size of this craft by adding more and more drawers to it according to your need and desire.
pallets chest of drawers

Its simple and plain design creates soothing and captivating surroundings. Its beauty is stored in its simplicity and delicacy hence making it a perfect furniture for your living area. The combination of three drawers and a hollow space is a different and unique option for your storage problems.
wooden pallets chest of drawers plan

This chest of drawers has the height of a bench on which the drawers are horizontally stacked over each other.The refurbished wood pallet chest of drawers requiring little space for its accommodation is a fascinating and functional enough to support and complement your setting or interior decor. The upper plain space is not spare. It might be utilized to place a mirror or any other item. It has short legs that are giving it support and balance. The drawers have two short handles instead of single for your ease and to give it a different look. Try this unique idea to spend your weekend in a useful way and to make your home stylish and trendy.
pallets drawers chest

Created & Shared by: Veenschoten Steigerhouten Meubelen