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Rustic Vanity Out of Wood Pallets

Every bedroom needs the vanity, especially if it is a girl’s room and it is not something which is inexpensive. There are many girls out there, who want the vanity according to the picture in their mind and they want to decorate their room; according to a theme; so the best solution of this issue is to create a vanity at home using the pallets. Here you can see a rustic reclaimed wood pallet vanity idea, which is easy to copy and it will surely make the room look amazing by not giving the look of it created at home.

Rustic Vanity Out of Wood Pallets

There are rooms, which are not spacious; but there is a need of vanity placement to allow placing the items of daily use as well as to get ready every day. So, this idea is perfect for a small room and it is stylish in looks for which the pallets need to be cut according to a design.
wood pallet vanity 2


wood pallet vanity

See the repurposed wood pallet vanity from the front, it contains the space to place the items for displaying as there is no door fixed on the area below the surface of vanity for placing products. There is also a drawer for storing tiny items.
rustic pallet vanity

Now have a look of the vanity after it is painted and the task of vanity creation is completed. A sober color is selected to paint the pallets because maybe it is for an adult’s room, but it can also be painted funky for a teenager room.
pallets vanity plan

A wide and big mirror space is present, it is enough to allow wearing makeup. The space to place the items of daily use is enough if there are many items like the cosmetics. The items that are not used often can be placed in the area below the drawer.
wood pallet vanity

Created & Shared by: Chepo Valiente