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Wood Pallet Grand Trunk / Chest

In this modernized world we are living a so damn busy and hectic life. In the daily affairs of life we counter so many challenges and on domestic or home level the storage space is one of them. If someone among you is taking it so easy and sarcastically then trust this isn’t at all that simple and straight matter. This has become so crucial to find some additional storage hacks where our lives have shrunk to mere tiny apartments and we are in dire need of these storage places. In this scenario this wooden pallet grand trunk or chest would be of great help.


As far as I remember we have already made a couple of pallet wood repurposed storage chests and trunks but none of them was as bigger as this one that we are going to present today. So make one thing pretty clear in your mind that you would have to strive hard to collect some larger amounts of supplies.

Once you are done with your supplies, and that could be average shipping pallets but certainly in some large amounts, then I guess you are all set to go for this particular wood pallet recycling project.
wood-pallet-chest recycled-pallet-chest pallet-wood-trunk

The very basic thing or the major quality of this wooden trunk is that the design is kept quite simple, that is also for the ease of the crafters and on the other hand the complicated patterns and additions would have also shortened the consumable space, so this is made just like a wide and large wooden box.

We can see that simple cut to size pallet wood planks are used here, no complicated locking mechanisms are adopted, it is left unstained because ultimately this is going to be stored in some isolated storage area. Just focus on the available storage space with you.

Created & Shared by: Jacques Lahaye