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Recycled Wooden Pallet Shelf with Rustic Look

Shelves play an important role when it comes to store the items in the kitchen and when it’s the matter of decoration in any room because they don’t occupy space due to which creating the shelves using the wooden pallets and pinning them to the wall is a great idea for the decoration of small homes. There is no need to worry if the home is small, some people think that they can’t adorn the home properly if the space is less; but it is not true as there are many ideas just like the recycled wooden pallet shelf with the rustic look idea shown here:

Recycled Wooden Pallet Shelf with Rustic Look

Let us show you first that anything can be placed and hanged on the shelf which is something great to know about this idea. For the rustic look, the pallets are not painted and nothing about them is looking weird.
pallet shelf

There are nails in the bottles and it seems that this idea is created by a person who loves to reshape the wood pallets into useful things. The idea is outstanding for the kitchen if there is not much space to place the kitchen utensils, they can be hanged by creating a big shelf.
pallets wood shelf plan

If the person wants to hang the things used in the kitchen like the apron, then the long pallets can be attached to increase the space under the hooks to make it easy to hang the apron. The reclaimed wood pallet shelf allows placing the decorative items in the kitchen as well.

rustic pallet shelf

wooden pallet shelf and key holder

If someone is going to copy this idea of creating repurposed wood pallet shelf for the bedroom, then it works well in offering the space to hang the jewelry like the necklace shown here. Hooks can also be used for hanging the keys if the idea is copied the home entrance.
recycled pallet shelf

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