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Rustic Look Giant Pallet Bed with Storage

For a huge bedroom, there should be a giant bed for which a person needs to spend a huge amount of money as the furniture is not available at low price, especially when it is stylish. If you are one of those who have purchased a new home and it is big, but you don’t have enough money left to buy the furniture for every room and a huge bed for the bedroom, then we would love to share the idea of creating a rustic look giant wooden pallet bed with the storage option.

Rustic Look Giant Pallet Bed with Storage

Here you can see the impression it leaves when a person views the bed, no one can judge that the bed is not created with the professional hands because the wooden pallets are smooth and gives a neat look even when they are used as they were.
giant pallet bed with storage

As we have said earlier that this reclaimed wood pallet giant bed idea has the storage option, you can see here that you can also place the big items in the drawers created below the bed attaching to it. There is no handle attached to them for opening them, the rope idea is unique and it is looking attractive.
pallet bed with storage idea

pallet bed with storage

pallet wood bed plan

The storage space is not just in the drawers, the headboard is also created just like a huge box in which a person can place the things which are not used often. The decorative items can be placed over the headboard of the repurposed wood pallet giant bed for making the room look appealing.
pallet wooden bed headboard chest

pallet wooden bed headboard chest 2

Here is the overall look of the wood pallet bed made with the hands that are not expert in reshaping the wood pallets into the furniture, but no one can say that the bed is not looking good or looking like it is made by an unprofessional person.
pallet wooden pallet plan

Created & Shared by: Loreto Morell Parera. Muebles con palets.