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Urban Style Pallet Patio Furniture

There are many attractive styles to create the patio furniture, but the urban style reclaimed wood pallet patio furniture looks amazing. Those who love to enjoy the time sitting on the patio with the friends should consider this idea because it not only makes the patio look nice, but also gives a comfortable place to sit. The wooden pallet chairs are comfortable and the furniture is easy to build because straight pallets are used for its creation, there is no need of cutting the pallets in a specific style for making the urban style furniture.



You can see the table with the hollow space under it which can be used as a drawer if it is added to it.  The color of the cushions is black, but it can be any depending on the taste of the home owner. The combination of black cushions with the natural color of upcycled wood pallets is sober.



The idea shown here is simple and the person can add design to the furniture, there is a requirement of cutting the reclaimed wood pallets in 2 sizes. Small square shaped pallets are used for the table and the large pallets are used for creating the back as well as the seating area of the chair.


The color in which the repurposed wood pallets come is fine for the furniture; there is no need to paint the furniture to place on the patio. If anyone wants to create the furniture for the kid’s room, then he/she can paint the pallets in the color suiting the surrounding.

wooden-pallet-furniture-plan pallet-stylish-patio-furniture

People who like to spend time creating things with the wood pallets should go for this idea of building urban style wood furniture to make the patio impressive because there are a few people who consider pallets to adorn their home with the furniture made of it.


Created & Shared by: Woody Dekor