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Wooden Pallets Rustic Kitchen Shelf Combo Rack

There are many ideas that serve well in fulfilling 2 purposes and also help in increasing the storage space, but the ideas made up of wooden pallets are awesome because they fulfill many requirements for which a person needs to invest too much; but the reshaping of wooden pallets helps in saving the money. We love to present the innovative idea through which the money can be saved and a person can show his/her skills to others. Here is an amazing idea of creating a wood pallets rustic kitchen shelf combo rack:

Wooden Pallets Rustic Kitchen Shelf Combo Rack

Here you can see for which two purposes the recycled wood pallet kitchen shelf combo rack can be created, it can be utilized for placing the bottles of spices in the kitchen as well as hanging the clothes that a person uses in the kitchen while cooking. This idea is great to save the space which is required to place the spice bottles.
recycled pallet shelf

There is no difficulty which a person has to face while copying this idea and the time consumed is less, it is good to use the wood pallets to make the shelf combo rack and avoid making a mess in the kitchen by placing bottles everywhere.
wood pallet shelf

The brown paint is utilized for painting the repurpose wood pallets which is looking nice on them because the idea is for the kitchen, a person can use any hue to paint the pallets depending on the items placed in the kitchen because the rack color should look good with them.
upcycled pallet shelf

As you can see that a book is placed on the shelf as well, so you can use it for placing the cookbook. The bottles are safe when placed on the shelf and the chances of kitchen clothes missing are less when they are hanged at a proper place arranged for them.
pallet shelf

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