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Pallets Wooden Made Retro Look Bar

Everyone has some kind of nostalgia and having it for old ancient retro furniture is a class of its own. This reclaimed wood pallet retro bar recalls some good old times and makes you feel light. Being around this old fashioned bar will keep you intoxicated with its magical effect. This classic wood pallet bar is warped, rickety, rough and scratched to a point where it gives you strong feelings of your good past memories. The thatched roof is adding to the natural beauty and giving it more genuine rustic impression. Most importantly the contrast offered by this classic old wood pallet bar with a modern outdoor space is amazingly attractive.

Pallets Wooden Made Retro Look Bar

The front image of this recycled wood pallet retro bar is so real. It looks natural enough to make the beholder believe that this decade old piece is saved with great care to protect its looks. We must appreciate the artistic hands for maintaining a genuine look of this classic bar.
pallets wood retro bar

Though it looks real old but keep in mind that antiques are always in fashion and often times more expensive than a modern piece. Everything of this conventional bar looks original. It offers a sharp contrast to your modern environment to a point that it looks rich every-time you see it. recycled pallets made bar

A complete package with retro chair. Recycling the used wood pallets to such an effect needs a creative brain and we have shared it with all of you. It is so perfectly crafted that you never want to keep your eyes off it. A decor piece and also a utility for your classic drinks party. bar made with pallets

The thatched roof made of dead straws and leaves adds to its orthodox style and look. The lights are used in a smart and random manner to sustain its genuine look. The top of the table is wide enough to serve your guests with many beverages at a time.
pallets wooden bar plan

Created & Shared by: Eter&Wood