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DIY Wood Pallets Garden Bar Step by Step Plan

A ready to make step by step plan is provided here to re-transform  your rough and useless wood into something functional and useful. A better way to serve your free time in a utilitarian activity. Polish your skills and apply them to make your surroundings look practical and synthetic. DIY provides perfect ideas to utilize your time, effort and art in some activities which not only make their minds fresh and active but ads into the beauty and decor of their surroundings. Step by step guide ads up to your ease and convenience by providing required tools or procedure to complete any project.

DIY Wood Pallets Garden Bar Step by Step Plan

First of all we will craft face frame which will provide a foundation to our craft. According to the size of the bar, cut down wood pallets to equal size and place them on the ground on a little distance. Now second step is to provide support to this by placing a wood pallet on the border where it can be nailed to each of the pallets so that the frame could hold its place. Another supporting pallet of the same size is joined in the center of the frame to make it durable. To complete the process we will join the final pallet piece to the opposite side.

diy wood pallets garden bar table

diy wood pallets garden bar table 2

Next step is to join support to this frame. First of all a face frame is created and on the both sides of this face frame we have provided support for our side walls with the help of nails and glue. A top support is provided that joins the wall as well as the counter top. You will just have to be attentive while taking the measurements.

diy wood pallets garden bar table 3

To form a toe kick join face panel to the two side panels with help of glue and then drill to holes to screw them up so that the whole frame holds its place. The center support is joined with all the three sides of this frame along with a support for the top support and the face support. Suggestion is to start from the face support and then the center one and at last the top support.

diy wood pallets garden bar table 4

Now on the face of this frame join to supporting vertical pallets by screwing up the holes. Then join the front top support by connecting it to the top of the face frame to provide support to the counter top. Join small pallets between the center top support and the front support for hanging glasses.

diy wood pallets garden bar table 5

Now we will work on the front side of this reclaimed wood pallet bar. Now join a wood pallet vertically from the center of the horizontal center support to the the top counter support with the help of glue and drill the holes to nail them together for durability. It will offer the front space with two equal boxes. Join wood pallet between the side panel and the center panel horizontally to make space for drawers.

diy wood pallets garden bar table 6

You need to be good at using the measuring tape to accuracy and that is what matters. We have created drawers by simply joining the wood pallets of accurate size and installed them into the space that we have created in the upper picture. The four drawer railing doors are all about taking correct measurement from inside of each of the door panels and then crafting the drawer doors to its size and fitting them accordingly.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 7

Now its your side of the wood pallet bar. The lower cabinet is installed with two doors by attaching hinges after drilling the holes for screwing up the doors to it.  Measuring tape must be used to accuracy so that the two doors fit well.  The top is yet to be accomplished.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 8

Just leave an open square space in the center of the top of table to be used as a sink. First of all join four side walls of this box by glueing them together and then drilling the hole for screwing up them up. The floor of this box will be connected at the end by simply joining the pallets to the bottom of four walls.  The hammer had to come into play more often here to make it durable.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 9

An additional counter space is provided by joining the wood pallets in the level of the top surface with the two additional legs. We have crafted a bigger frame and then placed a divider to make two big cabins out of it. We installed doors to the lower cabin and left the upper one opened with its top serving your glasses a hanging place. This big recycled wood pallet bar is class of its own.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 17

See the lower cabinet with opened door and acknowledge its spacious utility. A simple lower cabin can accommodate bigger enough items. We can customize our bar to our desire and add delicacy with accurate measurement and some neat hammer work.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 16

Two pieces joined to make it a one rehashed wood pallet bar. We first crafted the complete table with drawers and later made another frame of the same height after taking accurate measurement and extended the top of the table bar with a box to secure your beverages and add to the style of this classic bar.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 15


diy wood pallets garden bar table 14


diy wood pallets garden bar table 13

So crafting all sorts of wood pallet bars is as simple as knowing how to take measurements, use hammer and pasting work with glue. The design is yours and a little effort in your own workshop will turn this rough and retired wood pallets into your desired shape.
diy wood pallets garden bar table 12


diy wood pallets garden bar table 10


diy wood pallets garden bar table 11

Created & Shared by: Pablo Arredondo