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Things Made with Wooden Pallets

Still that time is pretty fresh in my mind when the wooden pallets were mere a tool for the carriage or rather safe carriage of several delicate items. And once the task was accomplished, the wooden pallets were simply dumped. And then there came a phase when the amateur crafters took an initiative and they started making different wooden items out of the shipping pallets. And later on this became a full time recycling activity where people from all around the world showed their interest and pursued it as a full time activity. Here I am presenting some of the things that are made with the wooden pallets.


The very first in the line is pallet wood repurposed single room bed. These wooden room beds have always been an expensive wooden furniture item, but since the wood pallet crafters have started working on it, we see ever new ideas related to the wooden pallet made room beds.

Made my first pallet bed . Perfect for the little princess in your life. Created & Shared by:  Kathy Reynolds

A wooden cable reel has always been an integral item in the creation of these recycled pallet furniture items. The main reason is the free availability and ease of dealing with the wooden cable reels. Here we see the closing ends are made using the shipping wood pallets.

Hola les comparto pocos proyectos terminados !!!  Miguel Lara 

Wooden pallet planters have always been a bounty or an incentive for the ones who remained obsessed with the gardening and stuff. These squared pallet wood planter lying in the patio are all purely made with the wood pallet. They provide pretty excessive space to plant all of desired breeds.

Here are some planters I made in the week from pallets designed by Jojo Trew.  Jamie Jim Jams Trew

One more excellent thing that could be done with the shipping pallets is the wall art or the wall cladding. And a very smart and easy demonstration could be seen right here where some random and raw wood pallet planks are put to the task in making this wooden pallet wall cladding.

Created & Shared by: Source


Salu salu les paletteurs , voila finalement a quoi ressemble ma 2eme table basse faite de palettes.  Matthieu Warren


My 1st project DIY with pallet.  Ronie Raisman 


Shared by: Source


Table basse, bout de canapé, table de chevet,… et pourquoi pas une étagère une fois empilées?  La palette des rois


my first project with pallet 10 years.  Toni Sanchez 


Created & Shared by:  Amado Mercado 


Created & Shared by:  Amado Mercado 




Mi humilde aporte vinoteca de pallets desde Cañada de gomez,  Andres Tacho Noguera 


Mi proyecto terminado.  Asgard Vera Cruz 


hola grupo aca un banquito hecho de palets  Claudio Alberto Robles 


Segundo proyecto terminado !!!  Miguel Lara 


Created & Shared by:  Ernesto Bernal 


Created & Shared by:  Jose Jimenez 


Merci pour l’ajout Voici ma table en palette!!  Nicolas Beltran


Ma 1ère création, sans prétention, un plaisir à travailler ce matériau noble, ça vide la tête , et le plaisir de poser son séant sur un objet créé par soi, bien sûr il n’est pas parfait mais c’est fait maison en toute humilité, un coup de ponçage, un peu de peinture et voilà.  Laurent Bouffigny