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DIY Pallet Wall Art for Shelving & TV Stand

There are many types of TV stand available in the market, but the one which a person can create at home using the reclaimed wooden pallets cannot be compared to the TV stand made up of any other material. The items made by the own hands of the homeowner are praiseworthy and they are better than decorating the home with the ready-made furniture as it shows how much a person loves his/her home. There is no need to worry about hiding the wiring when a person decides to make wall art for shelving and which also serves as a TV stand.


First of all, cut the pallets into thin sticks which need to be pinned to the wall for pinning the pallets on the sticks to make the wall art shelves. Start wiring prior to start pinning the pallets with the hammer.



Start pinning the large pallets one by one horizontally on the vertical repurposed wood pallet sticks, the sticks will make it easy to pin the pallets otherwise it will be difficult to pin the big pallets for creating the shelves and the TV stand.


Don’t forget to hide the wiring behind the wall art, just one wire with the switch should be visible to avoid the mess of the wires which looks bad and gives a negative impression. After attaching the recycled wooden pallets horizontally, start pinning the shelves by pinning the upper shelve.


Make a place to place the DVD player that you can see here, you can place the decorative items below the TV. If you want to add a shelf for the speakers, you can add it under the shelf for the DVD player which will not look weird. This TV stand idea is amazing and it will show the creativity of the maker.


Created & Shared by: Alan Carlos Oliveira