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Reused Pallets Wooden Made Pots Stands

There are many individuals with the love of plants and they try to do everything possible to decorate their home with the colorful flowers from the outside as well as from the inside. They use the plants to make their place attractive and they also buy many planters, so they can arrange the flowers in the garden. But here we are going to present an idea which will allow creating the pot stands for the flowers at home and they will not appear weird. See the reused wood pallet pot stand and the idea if you need it.

Reused Pallets Wooden Made Pots Stands

See the pot stand and you will surely like it because it is a great piece to impress others. There may be someone who will love to copy the idea he/she sees at your home, so don’t wait if you are plant lover.

pallets pots stand

Now here is the picture of the reclaimed wood pallet pot stand after the plants are placed in it. They are looking amazing and there will be no issue of mess inside the home because the creator is covered from every side for the place to set, only the plant can be seen and not its base.

pallets pots idea


pallets pots plan

Here are 2 pot stands shown and they both are different in design, you can copy any one or both ideas depending on the need. One design will allow space for 3 plants and the other as well, but the choice of the design is of the creator.

reused pallets pots stand

Now you can have a look at the pot stand idea with the colorful flowers and the purple color is appearing appealing. This idea is perfect for the person with the deep love for the beauty of nature and who wants to keep the atmosphere clean.

recycled pallets pots stands


pallets pots stand project

The choice is yours, one repurposed wood pallet pot stand allows the view of the vase and the other covers it. The individual can also write anything on the front side of the pallets to make the idea impressive. The pallets can be painted bright to make the area bright as well as attractive to relax the mind.

pallets pots stands

Created & Shared by: L & C Artesanias