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Pallet Furniture for Restaurant

We have always emphasized on the matter that the shipping wood pallet is a pretty multi dimensional material, this must not be confined to some raw wood pallet ideas that are confined to some tiny indoor creations. But the spectrum of the usage of this is far bigger than we think. And this fact could be conceived from the fact that a whole lot of people and crafters is getting inclined towards this art. Infact people are rather planning the furniture items for their commercial purposes as well. For instance we are bringing you pallet wood furniture for restaurant.


Looking at the entrance we can clearly conclude that this is the entrance or lobby of some restaurant, and the furniture placed here is meant for the visitors. But if we concentrate on the furniture itself, we see that surprisingly this whole range is made out of the shipping pallets.

We see a very excessively stylish and impressive wooden pallet benches here. They are not those typical shipping wood pallet benches that we have made sometime earlier, but they are very accurately designed in accordance with the venue where they are meant to be placed. This is going to be a pretty exciting project for all of you, just have a look on it.

This is final touch of the wooden pallet benches cum couches. Again the simple pallet wood planks are used, the back of the benches is kept pretty straight, contrary to the curved backs of the traditional wooden benches.

Some ultra luxurious foamy mattresses are installed on the wood pallet benches. Although raw shipping pallets are consumed over here in this project, but we have to applaud our crafters who have paid heed to the finishing and outlook of this furniture range. This is an ideal range for commercial purposes.

Created & Shared by: Breaking Branch Indaia