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Pallet Bed with Headboard on Wheels

I think how long have you been in the wood pallet recycling, never in your life you would have heard about any suggestion of creation of some wood pallet bed that is on wheels, wohooo, hang on. A bed on wheels? I think I have seen such wooden beds in the hospitals. But just imagine, what exactly in harm or bad in having a pallet wood repurposed bead with headboard that is totally on wheels? I guess this is a fantastic idea. Like you would be having the complete freedom to move your bed to the place where you actually want it to be.


So let’s not wait and think for too long and start counting on this amazing idea of pallet wood recycling. I am sure that once you are done with it, you are going to show your gratitude for this particular pallet wood recycling project.

There are a number of potential benefits of this wooden pallet bed on wheels, like suppose there comes a day when you feel like going out and not only sit there in the garden but literally to have some good sleep around the garden grass and flowers stuff. Just grab this bed on wheels and go live your life.

Other that the built in metallic wheels, this pallet wood upcycled bed has probably got the simplest design and shape. This is like a long straight and low to the ground bed frame is made using the whole shipping pallets.

And other than the main frame we also bothered to make a wide spread and tall attached headboard that would certainly render it a far better look. Some higher than average quality shipping pallets were acquired for this job and honestly speaking we just reclaimed these wheels from an old broken TV trolley.

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