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DIY Wood Pallets Tree House Bunk Bed

Bunk bed is great to place in the kid’s room because it saves the space as well as it keeps the kids happy that they have something unique in their room. There are many styles of bunk beds available in the furniture stores, but why not to save the money when a person can create a bunk bed at home with an innovative design. We are going to show an idea to create DIY shipping pallet tree house bunk bed which will not only allow the space to sleep, but also space to play and store the toys.

DIY Wood Pallets Tree House Bunk Bed

Here we are not only going to show the bunk bed, but the steps to create it to make it easy for everyone to copy this idea. See the sides of the bunk bed created to start making the center area of the bed.
diy pallets tree house bunk bed

Now here is the addition of the bed frame because it is the lower part of the reclaimed wood pallet bunk bed. It is attached to the sides of the bed with the nails to add the upper layer and complete the design of the bunk bed that is of unique style.
diy recycled pallets tree house bunk bed

Here is added the upper layer to create the tree house, the upper layer base is attached to the bunk bed like the lower layer base was attached with the help of hammer and nails. You can see the window on one side of the upper layer of the bed.
diy upcycled pallets tree house bunk bed

The roof of the tree house is attached to the side pallets, so the design can be completed. After making the roof, the time of making the front of the repurposed wood pallet bunk bed front comes. There is a window on its front as well.
diy repurposed pallets tree house bunk bed


diy recycled wooden pallets tree house bunk bed

See the completed project of bunk bed, there are stairs to make it easy for the kid to go in the tree house for playing. The area can be decorated with the toys and the window is covered with the curtain that is making it look appealing. The idea is perfect for the daughter as girls like these types of ideas more than boys.
pallets tree house bunk bed

Created & Shared by: Guido Pieters