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Repurposed Pallet Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Since I have always been a bathroom singer, I actually love this place. There could be a lot of debate on this, but I am kind of guy who reads the paper while sitting there, that’s why I always pay heed to the interior and installations of bathroom. Because sometimes to me this is the most relaxing place apart from sarcasm. So I just struck an idea of a repurposed pallet bathroom storage cabinet. Sounds great right? Even if you are not obsessed with this place still you would appreciate it I think. Because we always need it.


We are going to do one thing different this time, like this is not going to be that typical wooden installation inside the bathroom that we usually see around. But this one is actually more inspired from the conventional dressing table so this would be a totally new experience.

First of all we have to explore many of the features of this repurposed pallet bathroom storage cabinet. It is basically a multi tiered wooden pallet bathroom cabinet. And the good thing is that it is provided and equipped with all the desired portions that make it really an ideal installation for the bathroom.

To me it seems like a perfectly designed pallet wooden bathroom cabinet. It reminds me of the bathroom installations that are installed in some grand lavish hotels where every needed accessory is stored inside such nicely organized cabinets, you just extend your hand and grab what you want. No need to grope the stuff at all.

The upper open portion is ideal for the storage of towels and stuff, while in the lower tier store some other bathroom related accessories. Although some aged shipping pallets are used but still we managed to make a flawless pallet wood bathroom storage cabinet.

Created & Shared by: Vinzent-Palettenobjekte