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Pallet Garden Wall Decor Shelf

I am sure that before going into the details of this certain projects, many of the folks could be thinking and what exactly is this idea all about? Well, I guess it isn’t that difficult to comprehend if you have ever been a regular wood pallet crafter. We have made numerous pallet ideas and wood recycled creations, and among them many were supposed to be the décor items. Same is the case with this certain pallet wood art craft, where we are going to make a traditional pallet wood made wall décor shelf that would be installed inside your garden.


So I guess to sum up the plan, it would be appropriate to name it as a mere garden décor idea. But looking at all the perspectives of this particular project, I think it is just going to be a lot more than that. I am sure you guys would appreciate the main plan.

We actually have got the plans that we are going to keep away from all the complexities and difficult patterns, we are going to put it as simple as possible. We would pay heed to the appearance of the wall décor shelf, and would keep the size pretty limited.

It is preferable to use some of the freshest shipping pallets as this is meant to be a décor installation, and the much aged and scarred pallets could really harm your plans. But on the other hand if you are left with only some broken shipping pallets, you can plan some very fine finishing as well. The pallet that we had with us was average, so we have very nicely sanded it thoroughly, and ultimately we stained it with a very high quality shade that has added much value to its appearance. Place a couple of décor items or maybe planters on it as well.

Created & Shared by: Thomas Obornik