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Repurposed Pallets Bed Frame with Storage Option

Bed is a furniture piece, which is not inexpensive and a person has to spend a huge amount of money to get a stylishly designed bed and it is not always possible to manage money; especially when a person has bought a new home. So, it’s not something to worry about because the wood pallets in which a person has received his/her imported items can be modified into anything even a bed. Here we are going to present a repurposed wood pallet bed frame which also contains the storage option and you will love to copy this idea.

Repurposed Pallets Bed Frame with Storage Option

Have a look at the bed frame without the mattress placed on it, it is not looking bad. The pallets are joined vertically and horizontally to make the frame strong, so this idea requires attention to be copied in the perfect way to get a bed.
recycled pallet bed with storage option

Now here you can see how much the recycled wood pallet bed frame contains the space to store the items. The bed frame is created neatly and it is not painted because it is not giving a weird look as it is created at home by a person who is not an expert.
recycled pallets bed 2

The pallets are used creatively for the headboard; it is looking unique and nice as well. The border of the bed frame is neat and there is nothing in this which shows that it is handmade. It is a good idea to copy if someone wants to show the skills he/she possesses.
recycled pallets bed

The space for the storage can be utilized for placing the decorative items as well because it will display the item which is placed as there is no door and the storage space is not created with the drawer fitted in it. This idea will surely help in making the room attractive.
pallte bed with storage

Created & Shared by: Ethik Wood