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Recycled Pallet Dining Table and Bench

Whenever I hear about a wooden dining table, the very first thing that comes to my mind is family. I mean to me a wooden dining table carries a whole image of a place which is important in a sentimental manner like to me this is a place of the family reunion. People sit here together with their family, enjoy meals and share gossips on various things. We here in west already need to promote these family sort of activities with pallet furniture. That’s why we have brought here a recycled pallet wooden dining table and bench and I am sure you guys would love the idea on the whole.


Okay, now before you get started with the discussion on the said wood pallet project, you have to bear one thing in mind that as this is a huge pallet table and bench so you have to arrange for some larger amounts of supplies in shape of shipping pallets.


Once you are done with the arrangement of the pallet wood supplies, the good thing is that now you don’t need anything other than the pallet wood except some very basic things that are needed in making such pallet wood articles.


Now come towards the design and shape of the table and the bench. This is simplest pallet wood made dining table. We have deliberately avoided all the extensions and additional attachments as they always require additional effort and expenses as well. So just dis assemble the pallets to grab straight planks and get started with the project.




Seeing the texture of the wood we can say that very fine sanding is performed throughout the whole project. The table is pretty wide and spacious while the bench is also reasonably sized according to the bench. More than a couple of people could be accommodated here very easily.

Created & Shared by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy