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Vintage White Shabby Chic Pallets Hallway Chest / Mirror

With so many ideas of reshaping the wood pallets, it is hard to select the one to copy because those who know the skill of reshaping the pallets and are crazy for creating the items made up of wooden pallets wish to copy every single idea. It is not possible to copy every idea, so it is wise to choose the one which fulfills the requirement just like the idea shown here. The wood pallet hallway chest and mirror created separately looks like a set; they are painted white to suit the white paint of the wall.

Vintage White Shabby Chic Pallets Hallway Chest Mirror

Let us show you the reclaimed wood pallet mirror, there are multiple drawers in which the items that are not used often can be stored. To decorate the area where the mirror is attached, there is a space over it to place the decorative items.
wooden pallet mirror

Now come to the wooden pallet chest idea, there are 2 drawers and 2 spaces with doors below the drawers to save the products. Big products can be placed in the space with the door and the small items can be stored in the drawers. The above surface is empty to place anything.
wood pallet vintage chest

recycled pallet chest

One can place the cosmetics or other products of daily use on the place available above each layer of the drawers. Placing the items there makes it easy to grab them and use, they also doesn’t look weird and adorns the repurposed wood pallet mirror.
reclaimed pallet mirror

It is an outstanding set, which fulfills many different purposes as here you can see a hanger to hang the coats or muffler; which a person uses when he/she goes outside the home. All the furniture pieces are painted white, due to which they make the area appealing. Hooks are pinned into the pallets for fulfilling the hanging needs.
pallet wooden hanger

reclaimed pallet hanger hooks

reclaimed pallet hanger hooks 2

pallet hanger idea

You can see there is a hook pinned specially for hanging the keys, which a person forget after placing at any place in the home; so pinning the hook for the keys is a wise decision. Hat also gets lost often, so it can be hung on the shipping pallet hook; to eliminate the need of finding it every time a person needs it.
pallet hallway chest with mirror

Created & Shared by: S.L.-Loftart