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Reclaimed Pallets Trunk Style Chest

If anyone wants a safe and solid thing to store the products, the creating the trunk style chest with the reclaimed wood pallets is a great idea as a person doesn’t require investing too much money on buying the pallets and the individual can get it ready in a few days. It is a common in every home that people store the items of summer season when the winter arrives and they take out the summer products when the winter ends, for which they need a strong storage space in which the items can’t get damaged.


The trunk shown made up of recycled wood pallets is easy to assemble for which the saw for cutting the pallets, sander for smoothing the edges and nails along with the hammer are required. Instead of getting the space on the floor occupied, you can create the trunk to place over the closet.


The unique thing about the trunk shown is that it doesn’t look weird when placed anywhere in the home, it gives a nice look. Brown paint is used for painting the pallets and the black color on the border is making the lining appear prominent.


A person can add the lock to the trunk if he/she is making it for saving something precious; it is the choice of the trunk creator. The handle is silver, but you can use the golden colored handle as well because both colors look good on the upcycled wood pallets.

pallet-trunk-box pallet-chest-for-storage

You can see the small gap between the wooden pallets, but it can be eliminated if a person wants to store the clothes in the trunk which need to be protected from the insects. If anyone wants to create a trunk for storing the toys, the trunk can be painted with any funky color to suit the kid’s room furniture.


Created & Shared by: Bruno Ducruet