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Coffee Table Made with Pallets

Okay, now here comes something that is of the prime interest for me. As I have shown my obsession for the smartly designed wooden tables already, they really appeal and fascinate me to a large extent. And that is why I always show sheer interest in the recycling of such smart and classy wooden pallet creations. Although we have presented you guys a number of pallet wood repurposed coffee tables already, but trust me this one is going to be so exciting and convincing that you would certainly consider it for the next lined up pallet coffee table project of yours.


Before we explore the further and technical details of the said pallet wood project, let me clear one thing that as the wooden coffee tables are mostly deemed to be used indoors, so it would be better to arrange for some high quality and fresh shipping pallets or else it could harm the rest of your home interior.
pallet-table recycled-pallet-table

Once you have played smartly with the collection of the shipping wood pallets, rest of the task is pretty simple and straight. You just have to do the basic dis assembling first, cut to size the pallet wood planks according to the pre determined measurements and then you are just ready to go.

As we can see that no complex designs and additions are made in this wooden  pallet furniture article, this is kept quite simple and straight. And one more thing that must be observed is the ample space right below the table top that would be of great help for the storage purpose.

And to further enhance the beauty and outlook of the table, we see that a fine layer of glass top is added to the pallet wood upcycled table. Eventually you have got something pretty solid to show off.

Created & Shared by: L’Atelier Zora