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Pallets Square Coffee Table

Gone are the days when we used to go to the market to buy the desired wooden furniture articles. Since we have started wood pallet recycling we just grab some appropriate ideas and we just get started on them. I would say that this activity or art has literally changed many lives all over the world. Some of the people are doing it on a whole professional and commercial level. And the good thi9ng is that the things made out of the shipping pallets are being acclaimed widely. For instance here we have got a pallet wood made square coffee table.


When we talk about the table, a rectangular wooden object comes in our mind having some of the finest wooden materials and also very fine finishing as well. In pallet wood the case is slightly different. Although we can give the same treatment to the pallet made articles too but here we prefer to keep them rustic and raw. The more simple and raw for of the shipping pallets give the furniture articles a more artistic rather attractive look that we just cannot find in the market oriented wooden furniture items. So this in itself is a great incentive for all the pallet wood craft lovers.

The square coffee table that we are talking about right now is something that is more or less the need of every house. Like your furniture arrangement couldn’t be considered complete unless it is lagging a proper matching table.

So we just grabbed the reclaimed legs of an old and broken table, while the top is totally made with the pallet wood planks. Well, to give it a fancy touch we have used the contrasting pallet wood planks on each alternative layer. This is a real piece of art that would certainly earn you a lot of respect as an amateur pallet wood crafter.

Created & Shared by: Harpo’s Pallets