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Wooden Pallets Made Reception Desk

Getting an idea and sharing it with others is the way we love, there is no limit of the creations for which the wooden pallets can be used. A person can’t even imagine how reshaping the wood pallets can assist in eliminating the requirement of rushing to the market and spend the precious time in finding the furniture which suits the needs. We believe  the best thing is to assist those willing to spend a huge amount of money for buying the furniture for the home or office by suggesting them the ways they can utilize the wooden pallets.


Here we are showing the idea of making a recycled wooden pallets reception desk; you can see its overall look. Black is no doubt a graceful color, but the table is looking outstanding and the finishing is neat similar to the other materials that people prefer when buying the furniture.


You can see the reclaimed wood pallet reception desk from the side; the pallets are attached vertically to add to the look. They can be attached horizontally as they are on the front, the color selected to paint the pallets is making the surroundings look prominent.


Glass is placed on the reception desk, which is an option. Those who are considering it to create for the home with the kids can use it with the pallet surface. The glass is placed to use the desk for the reception in the office; there are no kids at the place to damage the glass.

wood-pallets-reception-desk repurposed-pallets-reception-desk

Here is the overall look of the repurposed wood pallets reception table from the other angle; it is looking outstanding from any angle you see. The space between the pallets that are attached to the front can be reduced; it is up to the creator of the reception desk. This desk is with no any drawer or storage space, which can be added to it.


Created & Shared by: O Carpinteiro das Paletes