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Pallet Plus Cable Reel Garden Bench

I know whenever we are in dire need of some wooden furniture items especially for the outdoors, the furniture that immediately comes to our mind is the wooden bench. Like this is something that is very closely associated with these outdoor spaces. And on the other hand it also offers a very casual sort of atmosphere. The feeling to sit on a wooden bench is totally different from that of sitting on some decent wooden couch. The bench that we have planned to present here today, in it we have used the wooden cable reel along with the shipping pallets.


I am sure that all of the crafters especially the pallet wood crafters out there are aware of this wooden object called cable reel. This huge object comes to carry the heavy duty cables that are used in some mega projects. Once the cable is consumed the carrier becomes pretty useless.

This isn’t the matter that we haven’t used the wooden cable reel somewhere earlier like we have consumed the same wooden cable reels in various projects. And this time we have decided to use this very cable reel in making this pallet plus cable reel garden bench.

If you have a look on the bench itself you would have a very pleasant feeling out of it. The color combinations that are opted for this particular wood pallet project are real grabbers like they would immediately grab the attention of the visitors with their charm. We basically used the cable reel’s circular part on both ends of the bench, while the inner wood timber is obtained from the shipping pallets where we have attached the straight cut to size shipping pallet planks on the sitting space. This has turned to be a pretty attractive and fascinating piece of art made out of total scrap material.

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