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Recycled Wooden Pallets Made Hallway Tree

Hallway tree is a great furniture piece to set at a place where there is a need of something to decorate the area. There are many different designs in which the hallway tree are created, some of them come with the hooks for the hanging need while the others contain the drawers as well. It is not necessary to buy a hallway tree from the market even if the person doesn’t like the style because it can be created at home with the recycled wood pallets. Here you can see a great idea to create hallway tree at home for the impressive looks.

Recycled Wooden Pallets Made Hallway Tree

Let us start by showing the overall look of the wood pallet hallway tree, it contains 3 layers. The first layer is for placing the decorative items as well the second layer. The third layer can be used for placing the photo frame or anything else.
pallets hallway tree

Here you can see the fourth layer of the reclaimed wood pallet hallway tree as well. The hallway tree is shown from the backside here and it is as neat as from the front side. The pallets can be painted if the other items in the room are funky.
pallet hallway tree plan

The third layer of the furniture piece is covered with the door, it can be used for placing the things that look bad if they are placed without covering them. The books can also be stored in the storage space to keep them organized.
pallet hallway tree idea

This idea of repurposed wood pallet hallway tree is simple to copy because the pallets need to be joined as they were. The hallway tree is not totally covered from the backside, there is space between the pallets and it is giving it a great look. The whole back can be covered if the person wants to cover it and it is optional.
pallets made hallway tree

Created & Shared by: Lizzie Torres