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Recycled Wood Pallet Closet Project

Creating the items by reshaping the wood pallets is a good idea because it helps in decorating the home and every place in a unique way as the items made by hand are created with the person’s own mind and no one can buy them from anywhere, so the idea cannot be copied if the viewer doesn’t posses the skill of reshaping the pallets. There are some recycled wood pallet projects that require some time in completion, while others are simple for which not much time is needed just like the pallet closet project shown here:

Recycled Wood Pallet Closet Project

It is the view how the wooden pallet closet looks after completion, it is painted with light gray color according to the wall paint of the area where it is needed to be placed. This project doesn’t require much time for completion because it is simple and straight pallets are attached to create it.
recycled pallet closet

The handle is not attached as in common closets available in the market; you can see the style of the handle of the closet which is used to open it. There is no need to cut the pallets into different sizes which saves the time of the reclaimed wood pallet closet creation.
recycled wood pallet closet

wood pallet closet idea

If the person has enough time to spend on creating the furniture for the home, then this idea of the wood pallet closet is great; which will not only fulfill the closet requirement but also shows the skill of the person.
wooden pallet closet

Here you can view the upcycled wood pallet with the opened doors, it is as amazing from inside as it is from outside. The size of the closet can be increased by adding pallets into the creation if there is a need of a big closet. The paint color can also be selected matching or contrasting to the paint of the room walls.
pallet closet plan