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DIY Repurposed Pallets Wooden Kitchen Plan

Women love to have their kitchen designed in a manner where they could cook and wash at their convenience. We exactly offer an idea that helps serve the very purpose and that too with recycling old, used and retired wood pallets collected from outside some warehouse or industrial area. The economy of price puts attraction in this amazing art work. First collect enough wood pallets that are to be utilized in your craft. Make a big counter where you have enough space to place your ready and most frequently used kitchen items. The counter is supported by wood pallet walls that would later be used as a cabinets. At one corner of the rack we make a stand for our sink for our dish washing. We are going to make your kitchen resourceful in an inexpensive way.

DIY Repurposed Pallets Wooden Kitchen Plan

First of all we will fix the wood pallets to a wall one feet higher than the size of the counter. This wall will serve as the back wall of our recycled wood pallet kitchen cabinet. Make this back wall as long as you want your kitchen counter to be.  You need join the wood pallets to the wall firmly by nailing these wood pallets to the wall. The hammer work is required to be done in good manner.
pallets kitchen diy

The second stop is to install wood pallet divisions by creating four equal sized walls and then joining them with the back wall by drilling the holes so that the nail could help the walls hold its place. All the four divisions/walls should be of equal size because this is where our counter will be placed and fixed. We have placed these divider walls in an equal distance that will later serve as a cabinets.

recycled pallets made kitchen diy

In the next phase we are going to join the counter to the back wall and the divider walls. We will drill the holes at our required positions so that the nails could be hammered easily to form a stronger counter top. The counter top is supported by back wall and the divider walls by joining them tightly with help of nails.  wooden pallet kitchen plan

In the next phase we will install doors by using hings to each cabinet. The first cabinet is simple with only two doors installed to it. The Drawers are installed by cutting the required sized wood pallets and fixed on the railings so that we can draw it in and out. The doors are also installed with the same nailing method. wooden pallet made kitchen project

The re-transformed wood pallet kitchen cabinet is ready for use. We have purposefully left the right sided cabinet open. You can leave your furniture unpolished and rough to give your kitchen an altogether different classic and rustic look. It becomes more attractive with its natural flavor. Reclaiming used wood pallets to this effect is always amazing. repurposed pallets kitchen

Created & Shared by: Moutchou Calou