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Pure Rustic Pallet Cooler Idea

Cooler is a necessary item in every home, especially in the summer season because cold drinks are needed for boosting the energy and to enjoy with the friends or family outside the home. It looks weird to place the cooler as it is and there are some people who want to look different in every way, so they look for innovative ideas with which they can cover the items like cooler. Here is a rustic wood pallet cooler idea, which can be placed in the garden of the home or can be moved for the picnic if there is a huge vehicle which can carry it.

Pure Rustic Pallet Cooler Idea

Look at the cooler if you think the pallets will look ugly, the pallets are not painted for this idea and still they are giving an amazing look. They can be colored with any hue if a person wants to decorate in a unique way.
pallet rustic cooler


Here is the look of the reclaimed wood pallet cooler from the back side, it is as good from back as from the front side. There is a space to place the items under the cooler, the pallets need to be attached carefully which is the only thing required to create the pallet cooler.
pallet rustic cooler project


recycled pallet rustic cooler


Now, here is the open cooler presented. The handles used for opening the cooler and moving it are of golden color. It can be painted silver if the person likes silver more than golden.

pallet rustic cooler idea

The cooler can be easily fitted inside the repurposed wood pallets; there is no need to place the cooler as it is if the person wants something innovative in everything present in his/her home. The glass set can be placed on the space available under the cooler; it allows the space to organize the things in a proper way to avoid the mess.

pallet rustic cooler plan

Created & Shared by: Felix Noe