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40 Easy Ideas for Pallet Recycling

Everything that is created by hand and that requires time, effort and energy is praiseworthy. A handmade item either it is created easily or with difficulty, it shows the skill and the creativity of a person and the effort of an individual never goes wasted as every product prepared with one’s own hand impress the viewers. Those who love to create the items at home should never forget to include wood pallets in the list of materials that they are going to reuse and recycle because they are easy to restyle and they provide outstanding end result. Here we are going to show many easy ideas for pallet recycling.

40 Easy Ideas for Pallet Recycling

There are many ideas of creating a hallway tree, but the one we are presenting here is a unique idea which is painted with white color. There is a space to place decorative items, storing the products that are not used on a daily basis and also hooks to hang the coats or keys.

pallets hallway tree
I had this horrid 80’s dresser too with a huge, yellow spotted mirror. I took the mirror out and put pallet slats across. I then made the bottom box completely out of pallet wood. I did a messy grey, white, black and brown base paint that was horridly streaky and then when it was tacky dry, I dry brushed white over it to give it the rustic look.  Shane Cooper 

The idea of recycled wood pallet entryway table shown here is looking different from the common style because a little bit of light green color is in it. It is a great idea for creating entryway table at home because it fulfills multiple demands as the hallway tree shown above.

recycled pallets entryway table
Top pic is showing how shiny a smooth pallet wood .  Kelly Jane 

It is great to modify the wood pallets when a person needs an entertainment unit because he/she knows which items he/she requires to place in it, so he/she can create it according to the demand like the one shown here. You can see that every single thing linked to the TV is fitted in its place.

pallets entertainment unit
Just put the finishing touches on my entertainment unit. Made from a larger size of industrial pallets that I have been sitting on for a special project.  Glen Dorman 

Most of the individuals go for the common table styles when they need one, which makes their place look dull and boring. Here is an innovative idea to make a table with innovative style, which is perfect to make the place attractive.

pallets wooden table plan
Created & Shared by:  Harrison J Cooper 

When a person decides to create something at home with the wooden pallets, it is sure that he/she will end up in getting something great. If anyone is new to reusing the pallets, then he/she can copy this idea of creating a reclaimed wood pallet table because it is simple.

wooden pallet table idea
55x55x20 table. Top is completely from pallets as is the bottom frame.  Amie Harris 

Here is an idea for the village life lovers, those who like to decorate their home as like they are living in a village, here we have an idea of creating a patio art well. It is not difficult to create and will not consume too much time.

recycled pallet patio art well
Created & Shared by:  Connie Daniel 

Shelves are an important part of home because without them, it is difficult to think of the ideas with which a person can adorn the home. Shelves don’t just help in adorning the home by giving a place to set the decoration pieces, but also assist in placing the items which can’t be placed on the ground.

upcycled pallets shelf
Created & Shared by:  Kelly Jane 

Those who love gardening know the ideas with which they can make the garden look adorable, but here we have an idea for those who are not much interested in gardening; but want to decorate the lawn. The pallet planter idea is nice which you can see yourself.

recycled pallet planters
Created & Shared by:  John Hilland 

It depends on the skill of the creator with which he/she can give a distinctive look to any material just like the idea shown here, this patio couch is made up of pallets; but it is giving the look of a marble.

recycled pallets patio couch
Created & Shared by:  John Ans van Griensven – Mauriks 

This is an amazing idea of creating a table, the pallets of 2 different shades are arranged properly to make it look lovely. If someone doesn’t have dark colored pallets, then brown color can be used to paint them.

wooden pallet table
A few weeks ago I came on here for some last-minute advice before I epoxied my pallet table. Well, here is the finished product. Wife loves it and I’m pretty dang proud of it.  Chris Williams 

Every idea we gather in our list to show you is unique because we just work to gather the innovative ideas as this one for the creation of an entryway table. You can see the skill of the creator in using the pallets of different sizes, isn’t it impressive? You can also impress others by copying this idea.

pallets entryway table idea
My quirky cabinet made from pallet and scrap pallet ! Scrap metal for knobs, rusty steel mesh sides.  Kelly Jane 

Do you want a pirate theme wall art idea for the decoration of your son’s room? Here it is, there is no need to buy an expensive wall art to suit the theme. You can create a repurposed wood pallet art craft copying this idea.

pallet wall art craft
Created & Shared by:  Tami Custer Vanoskey 

Wow, it’s impressive, the square shaped table with many colors and the artistic touch on its surface. A few individuals with the perfection in painting can copy this idea, but it will surely impress everyone on first sight.

wood pallet table art
Created & Shared by:  Todd Chase