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40 Easy Ideas for Pallet Recycling

If there is nothing in the bathroom to place the items of use like the shampoo and spray, then here is the idea to create storage space in the bathroom. As many shelves can be added as required according to the number of items need to be placed in it.

pallet bathroom storage idea
Had some left over pieces of pallet wood, so had a go at making a bathroom storage unit.. not the best thing ever made, but I like it’s un-perfect look  Eliot Martin-French 

Here is another idea of creating a serving tray, but this time it is specifically for serving the drinks. There is a special place to fit the bottle and the glasses to keep them safe.

pallet serving tray
Made today from pallets.  Tammy Shreve 

A person is free to paint on the pallets when he/she make an item using them, so here is a cooler made up of pallets and the Coca Cola logo is painted on it to make it impressive. You can make the logo of any beverage company you like.

wood pallet cooler
Saved an old cooler from the trash man and recycled about 4 or 5 pallets for this little project.  Daniel Gaus 

It is great to arrange a seating place in patio because it allows enjoying the weather on a fine day and here is an idea of making a patio bench for 2. If there are many family members, more patio benches of this style can be created to make a set.

upcycled pallets patio bench
Created & Shared by:  Denis Smith 

There are many ideas to adorn a garden and one of them is shown here, it seems like a bridge and it can be created if a person wants to make the garden look different with the innovative decoration items placed in it.

pallets garden art
Created & Shared by:  Denis Smith 

A person can buy chairs if required in a home, but why not to invest some time and save money by making it through the modification of the wood pallets? The idea of creating reclaimed wood pallet chairs is simple as well as awesome; copying it doesn’t require much time and efforts.

pallets chair idea
Created & Shared by:  Denis Smith 

We have shown you multiple ideas for creating media cabinet, but this one is amazing because it contains a specific place for multiple items just like decorative items and DVD player. Speakers can be placed on it as it offers enough space to place the products that operate with TV.

pallet media cabinet
Pallet tv stand with lights. My husband made me.  Becky Reddinger Ritchey 

A chest is needed in every home because the items of winter and summer season need to be stored when they are not of any use in the other season, so here is the idea. Pallet chest doesn’t give a bad look; it can be placed in a room with the table cloth on it to place the decorative items.

wooden pallet chest
Recycled Recycling box (mostly pallet wood some old bedframe).  Mick Fatticuss

Now come to the idea for the drinking lovers who love to serve drinks to their guests as well, what about creating a pallets made bar to get a specific place to store the bottles and special glasses to use when required?

pallets made bar
Created & Shared by:  Mark Waldon Joye 

It is good to decorate a single wall of a small area like this because it makes it look distinctive; there is no need to restyle the pallets for this wall art idea as they can be used as they are. They just need to be pinned on the wall without cutting them in a specific design.

wood pallet wall art idea
Created & Shared by:  Greg Berning 

Need something for candle decoration? Here we have the idea of making wall decor shelf; it can be used for placing anything that you think can make the room look attractive. The pallets are used innovatively in this idea and copying it is not hard, just concentration is required.

wood pallet wall decor shelf
Created & Shared by:  Janice Rose Napier 

If you think your bathroom looks dull, copy this upcycled wood pallet bathroom shelving and art idea to make it appealing.

pallet bathroom shelving and art
Few of the bathroom decor I made with pallets  Gilbert Moreno 

See the kitchen cabinet idea for keeping the glasses managed and safe, the pallets are painted with glossy paint to add to the grace of the kitchen with this idea.

pallets kicthen cabinet
Created & Shared by:  Martin Prince 

Amazing, isn’t it? The table is painted with white and blue, which is the color scheme of the theme which you can see on the wall behind the table.  This table will make the area look eye-catching when it is placed inside the home because it is according to the selected theme.

pallets table project
My husband’s latest creation. Dumpster Dive skim board made into a coffee table. Base is all pallet wood.  Wendy Schoenberger Tomlinson 

If anyone is going to serve lemonade to the kids in a park, then this idea of kid’s lemonade stand made up of wooden pallets is outstanding. Copy it and take the stand to the desired location to work according to your wish.

pallets kids lemonade stand
Created & Shared by:  Miriam Makosky