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Recycled Pallet Garden Cottage

You know what, I was literally amazed and driven away with the beauty of this pallet wood repurposed garden cottage. Actually this was something totally different from the routine creations that we usually see being executed out of the shipping pallet. Like this is a wide spread gigantic structure that is standing erect in front of us, and the good thing to talk about is that is is completely made out of the pallet wood planks. Isn’t this a bit surprising? We normally see this sort of infrastructure in the hilly cold areas where houses are mostly inspired from this certain hut shape.


But as this one is meant and supposed to be installed or placed inside a garden so we just had to limit its gigantic size. This is a very tremendous piece of the wood pallet recycling art so far. These wooden cabins really pay a lot in the garden or other outdoor areas.

In a green landscape, a wooden pallet made complete shelter source a garden cottage is meant to provide you guys with immediate shelter. This in itself is a huge quality like you can just sneak inside it when its raining outside and enjoy the scene from within.

Actually the usage of this pallet wood repurposed garden cottage cannot be confined to some certain tasks. This is something that in the end would be of great use and cause for sure. So this is the time to plan about the execution of this smart wood pallet creation.

The whole lower part of the structure is made with the plain shipping wood pallet planks, while a bit of metal is used on the top because that was the most vulnerable part to the rains and other extreme weather conditions. If you have to make something with the wood pallet, dream big, go for this recycled pallet wood garden cottage.

Created & Shared by: Jose Ramón López Lima