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DIY Pallet Ideas for 2018 Projects

Let’s welcome the new happiness, new joys and new dreams to your home with these awesome wooden pallet ideas. Let’s begin the new year celebrations in an attractive way by decorated your home with new and fabulous wooden product. Here we are presenting few stunning, and stylish DIY pallets project for the renovation of your home. These ideas will  assist you in crafting a modern wooden kitchen area, an amazing wall cladding with media console for your lounge, an attractive kid’s bed to welcome your newborn into this world in a delightful manner and to amaze your little kid’s with your beautiful creation of kid’s playhouse.

DIY Pallet Ideas for 2018 Projects

Here we are proudly going to present a unique repurposed wooden pallets bathroom counter. This counter seems wonderful in pure wooden texture as well as after beautiful wood color paint. This three-layer counter is created to serve you with a sink on its upper layer and the inner two layers will provide your best storage capacity.

repurposed pallet counter bathroom
Created & Shared by: Maick Junior Kemmerich

Let’s welcome your newborn into this world in a delightful manner by crafting an awesome wooden bed for him. This wooden made bed is entirely crafted with the help of reused wooden pallets that are easily available everywhere. This wooden pallets bed is equally best to construct for your little kids.

recycled pallets baby bed
Created & Shared by: João Carlos Barbosa Gomes

Let’s reshape your simple-looking kitchen with this amazing wooden pallets kitchen work. The beautiful wooden pallets walls seem wonderful in appearance and the attractive construction of wooden cabinets and shelves are making this kitchen work an awesome appealing pallets plan.

wood pallet kitchen works
Created & Shared by: Fabien Créations

Here we are bringing to you a fabulous wooden pallets kid’s playhouse idea for your lovely kids. This kid’s playhouse is the ideal gift to surprise them with your beautiful selection. This wooden structure seems quite difficult to create but as you start this project with your concentration, it will be done in a day or two.

Creative Ideas for Wood Pallet Playhouses

pallet kids playhouse idea
Created & Shared by: Emi Ly

Now decorate your simple-looking walls with this marvelous pallets wood media console and wall cladding idea. This wall cladding will definitely increase the beauty of your lounge as well as your bedroom and this wooden structure is best to use as a stylish wooden tv stand at your home.

pallet media wall cladding
Created & Shared by: Samuel R. David

If you are looking for an easy project that you can easily craft by reshaping the useless wooden pallets of your home, then this wooden hanger is smartly designed for your ease. We have simply crafted this hanger with few stacks of useless wooden pallets after coloring few of them with a beautiful shade of paint and with the attachment of black hooks on it.

simple pallet hanger idea
Created & Shared by: Capricho’s Artesanias

Let’s give your walls an extraordinary appearance by decorating them with these wooden pallets wall decor art. The beautiful arrangement of useless wooden pallets and the smart attachment of small pots with fresh grass and plants seems wonderful as shown in the picture given below.

50 Decorative Ideas for Wood Pallet Planters

pallet wall decor art
Created & Shared by: Mario Pelluci

Here we are presenting to you a stunning recycled wooden pallets dining table for your home. This dining table seems glamorous in organic wooden texture but you can also decorate this project with fancy table covers or with the use of any bright color paint that suits your dining room’s theme.

recycled pallet table idea
Created & Shared by: PAL’ & CO’

Wow, have a look at the beauty of this multicolor wooden pallets book shelving plan. The entire book shelve is crafted by retransforming the old wooden pallets already present at home. First, we have complete this project with white color paint and further decorated this plan with the use of different beautiful paints of it.

pallets bookshelving plan
Created & Shared by: Recycl’Art

Here we are offering another attractive wooden pallet plan to you that is good enough to meet your storage requirements. This pallets wooden wardrobe is artistically crafted to provide you the best wooden item for your home at affordable rates.

wood pallet wardrobe plan
Created & Shared by: Werrell Woodworks

Are you planning on went for an outdoor party or for a picnic with your beloved family, if yes then simply construct this amazing-looking reused wooden pallets cooler to meet your cooler requirements at a cheap price.

reused wood pallet cooler
Created & Shared by: Cesar Perez

Now craft this awesome wooden pallet entryway table for your home. This project is best to serve in two ways. This pallets plan is a great one for storing your essential items in it and at the same time, the upper shelve is good-enough for the placement of photo frames and other decorating items on it.

pallet rustic look entryway table
Created & Shared by: L’Atelier du Renouveau


wood pallet veg rack
Created & Shared by: Wood Junki


pallet playhouse for kids
Created & Shared by: G Hugo Garcia Medina


pallets kids playhouse cabin
Created & Shared by: Miguel Luna Cuevas


repurposed pallet bar plan
Created & Shared by: Carl Albreck


wood pallet cooler
Created & Shared by: Rafael Silva

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