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Awesome Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Pallet Projects

Crafting something increases our sense of productivity. Reusing wood pallet is economical as well environmentally healthy activity. It allows you to transform something useless into something worth complementing. Re-transforming wood pallets in to productive is healthy activity for reusing something that normally would wind up in trash. Here are some awesome and Eco-friendly reclaimed wood pallets projects that helps you out in decorating your house. Furniture crafted from wood pallets if placed around you gives your place a natural and fresh look. This project will help you to lavish each corner in mesmerizing style. Decorating your abode by such crafts that are styled out by your own is good way to represent your flavor.

Awesome Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Projects

We all are always in search of less space taking furniture. Wooden pallet sofa seat with storage is easy way to get through storage problems. You can craft this project your own as you can see in picture. You have to join pallets in proper manner with the use off different tools. You can place seats of your own choice.

diy wooden pallet sofa seat with storage
Created & Shared by: Moutchou Calou

Awesome wood pallet bar with storage is great option you should have in your working place. You can also place it in your kitchen as a separator.  Several blocks are created for storage purposes. Presence of such material around you gives your aesthetic sense pleasure.

recycled wood pallet bar counter
Created & Shared by: Paulo Henrique Curtis

Here we come with decent presentation of reusing wood pallets in to wood pallet table. This project can be used as treasure box. Wooden pallet coffee table cum storage chest offered you enough storage capacity along with beautiful presentation. Do have such items around you for your ease.

wooden pallet coffee table cum storage chest
Created & Shared by: Paletten Art

Newly styled this reused wood pallets wall TV stand looks appealing. The whole area get transformed by use of such material. This projects gives your place mesmerizing look. You can give color of your flavor otherwise its simplicity is giving decent and rustic look.

reused wood pallets wall tv stand
Created & Shared by: Palettophile

This project is for those who love planting and want to give their place wonderful look. This project is economical and helps you in decorating purposes as well. Presence of such pallet planter is necessary for your garden’s beauty.

repurposed wooden pallets planter idea
Created & Shared by: Magali Loye

Pallets also serves you in many ways. The best way is to craft pallet shoe rack cum cloths hanger. Simply and smartly crafted this wood pallet shoe rack cum clothes hanger have enough storage option to store dozen of people’s belonging inside it.

pallet shoe rack cum cloths hanger
Created & Shared by: Anne Renard

Now there comes a beautiful project for your cute pet. We have crafted  it with pallet fruit crate.This project is simple, economical and pretty as well. Pallet fruit crate cat bed idea is one of the best idea that you can do your own, This gives your pet comfort.

pallet fruit crate cat bed idea
Created & Shared by: L’Atelier du Renouveau

Wood pallet garden sofa set is economical project that servers you right for sitting purposes. Presence of such furniture around you gives fresh and natural look. Engage your family in such projects and have fun in your leisure time.

reused wood pallets garden furniture ideas
Created & Shared by: Gerardo Meza Martinez

Wooden pallet herb planter is very simple and easy to made project. Craft herb planter  your own by cutting wood pallets in to required shape. Join them with the help of glue gun. Put holding rectangular boxes in-front of pallet herb planter. Hang it wherever you want to hang and increase the beauty of your place.

diy wooden pallet herb planter
Created & Shared by: David Poulard

Here come beautiful wooden pallet patio terrace with bench . This all gives mesmerizing look. You should have such surrounding at your place that gives relaxation and refreshing look in cheap way. Do try this project because whole area gets transformed by use of such projects.

wooden pallet patio terrace with bench
Created & Shared by: Famel Regis

So reuse wood pallets to craft wood pallet serving trays. Use of wood pallets in such environmentally friendly activity. To re-use something that will wind up in trash is worth complementing. Crafting such type of project worth your time and effort.

wood pallet serving trays
Created & Shared by: Jabe Olivier

Pallets entryway furniture with wall works gives your place unique touch. It can be used for storage purposes as well for decoration purposes. This project is economical and crafting it would be interesting to craft it.

pallets entryway furniture with wall works
Created & Shared by: Coastal Pallet Furniture LLC


wood pallets made dog house
Created & Shared by: Delphine Berthier


simple furniture out of pallets
Created & Shared by: Pallet Y a La Bolsa


pallets patio lounge on wheels


wooden pallet trellis idea


recycled wood pallet table on wheels


pallets wooden chicken coop
Created & Shared by: Thery Bnst


diy wooden pallets shelf
Created & Shared by: Made in palettes


pallet patio bench with cabin
Created & Shared by: Sylvain Pesenti-Rossi


wood pallet cooler diy
Created & Shared by: Julia E. Rodriguez