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DIY Wood Pallet Kids Bunk Bed Plan

If you are planning to craft a kid’s bunk bed for your kid’s room with useless wood pallets then, be happy because you are on a correct pallets site. Here we are bringing to you DIY wood pallets kid’s bunk bed plan that will reshape your kid’s room with its beautiful structure. A wooden kid’s bunk bed has become an essential need for every home with a kid’s in it. If you have two kids at your home but have a small area in their room for placing two different bed then this project is specially designed to fulfill your kid’s bedding needs in an economical way. Let’s start to craft something exceptional and astonishing for your kids to show your love and your attention toward their needs.

DIY Wood Pallet Kids Bunk Bed Plan

Let’s craft a DIY pallets wood kids bunk bed on our own. First of all, collect and gather the useful material required for bed’s   construction. The required material is a hammer, glue gun, drilling machine, speed square and nails of different sizes. Try to get safety glasses and ear protection for your safety during all the procedure of crafting this wonderful bunk bed.
diy pallets wood kids bunk bed

The second step in the manufacturing of this kid’s bunk bed is to cut the large size wood pallets boards into desire dimensions and join them artistically to make a sturdy and durable wooden bed structure. First of all keep your focus on pallets bed’s base and craft it smartly by joining different sizes of pallets wood together. A strong construction of the bed base will keep the bed safe from any kind of damage and cracks in future.

pallets made bunk bed diy

After completing the first lower portion of the bed, let’s move to the next step and start the wooden construction on upper portion with recycled wood pallets stacks, glue gun, and nails of different sizes. Now craft the front wooden structure of this bunk bed that is strongly attached to the lower wooden pallets bed portion.

do it yourself pallet bunk bed

While crafting this beautiful kid’s bunk bed project we have designed two wooden windows in its headboard to make it unique and attractive bed structure crafted with useless pallets wood. These smartly crafted windows are giving this bunk bed an eye-catching appearance.

diy pallet bunk bed

Moving to the next step we have closed this kids bunk bed artistically by joining wood pallets with the help of hammer, nails and drilling machine. The closed formation of the wood pallets bunk bed is giving this room a perfect look and modern style as shown in the picture given below. The wooden doors on the windows structure with a heart design in it are making this project an ideal one to be crafted for your kid’s room.

diy pallets wooden bunk bed

These wooden stayers with blocks in it are letting the whole environment of this kid’s room to breathe. We have crafted these wood pallets stayers with boxes to serve you multi purposely as these will make it easy for your kids to move from lower bed portion to upper area and the wooden block will serve you to store kid’s toys and games in it in an organized way.
diy pallet bunk bed plan


diy pallets made bunk bed

Created & Shared by: David Katy Queval

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