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Wood Pallets Vintage Vanity Project

Vanity is mandatory in a room, especially when the room belongs to a girl because there are makeup items to be placed on it. So, a vanity should be graceful if the person wants to make the room give a unique look, the vanity can be created at home using the used wood pallets and you will be amazed viewing the end result as we are going to show a vanity idea here, which is made impressive with the pallets and paint on them. Have a look at the reclaimed wood pallet vintage vanity project and decide whether it will make your place amazing or not.

Wood Pallets Vintage Vanity Project

See the vintage vanity without the paint first and you will be able to know how it is created. The place for the mirror is cut creatively and it is looking nice. There is also a stool created with the vanity.
rustic pallet vanity

The repurposed wood pallet vanity is four-legged and there are 2 drawers in which there is enough space to store the items which are not of daily use. The cosmetics can be decorated on the vanity which a person uses on a daily basis.
wood pallet vanity 2


wood pallet vanity

For making the vanity look amazing, paint of 3 colors are selected and the combination is looking great. Light blue, dark blue and white color have made the vanity look perfect. The pallets are painted creatively and the vintage has made look unique with the creativity of the person who has made it.
pallets made vintage vanity

The stool with the vintage is also painted as it, so the both items look as set. You can see the drawers are also designed using the paint; the floral pattern is making the vintage give an impressive look. The purple color is added to the floral pattern and it is complementing the other colors as well as making the vintage vanity graceful.
rustic look pallet vanity

Created & Shared by: Fernando Hernandez