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Fantastic Ideas for Pallet Wood Recreations

Pallet wood recycling isn’t at all an ordinary art. To excel in this art this is essential to be completely smart and innovative because one just can’t pick up the wood work tools and then simply get started. For this you have to be master in taking measurements, you have to deal with the pallet wood planks and dis assemble them very carefully, then you have to chalk out the whole plan that how exactly you are going to mould and shape the article. For the starters here are some fantastic ideas for pallet wood recreations.


This has always been a great idea to make such creations especially for your pets. In some of the earlier projects we made several pet houses, and here we have got a chicken coop that is a very important thing if you are breeding the chicken at your house.

Chicken Coop made from pallet wood.  Eleven Eleven Woodworks

From distant view this could look like a smart wooden pallet made table. But actually this is a cooler stand that would keep your cooler on a reasonable height. And would protect it from all the vulnerabilities. Plus you can also use some reclaimed materials to give it a pure industrial touch.

My attempt at the DIY cooler stand made from recycled wood pallets. Anybody want a beer?  Jamie Schneider

These garden cabins are again something that is very much in. like people really like these wooden shelters inside their green landscapes and even in patios in some cases. They tend to use these wooden cabins for different purposes. And the good thing is that all wood pallet planks could be used in this certain project.

Hola, after a hot few weeks, setting up our two workshops, we are now ready to produce more pieces of furniture and items for the home and garden. We would like to share our ideas and one small item that can add something unique to a door, is a door handle. We found an old orange tree branch and loved the shape. After cutting it to size, a bit of sanding & linseed oiling, it was installed! The door handle suits our pallet hut perfectly!  Woodpecker Altea

And in the end this tilted pallet wood made table is again made wholly using the simple wood pallet planks. This sets one free from the burden of arranging some additional supplies. This makes an ideal garden potting table which has a dual impact like this would be used as a regular table and would also look as a perfect garden décor item as well.

Created & Shared by:  Woodpecker Altea


17 pallets later and our fireplace turned out better then I had expected –  Made by Ashlee Burridge


First rustic door I made from pallet wood.  Rafaelle Proctor



Created & Shared by:  Woodpecker Altea


Created & Shared by:  Alex Garcia


Created & Shared by:  Juan Manuel Rodriguez Estrada


Created & Shared by:  Luis Woodwork



Created & Shared by:  Ezequiel Fornasero


Created & Shared by:  Hugo Oliva


Created & Shared by:  Luis Fernando Nuñez


Created & Shared by:  Victor Alejandro Palacios Azargado


Created & Shared by:  Daniel Hacha