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Wooden Pallets Made Dressing Room Idea

Wooden pallets are beneficial, but this fact is not known by many individuals and we are here to show how they can be used instead of throwing them away in the trash bins. The pallets can create almost anything that is of use in the home like the furniture and the other things that makes the home look distinctive such as the creative decoration pieces that no any person can purchase from the market. The individuals can get inspired by the pieces created by hands at home, so here we have a dressing room idea made up of recycled wood pallets.

Wooden Pallets Made Dressing Room Idea

The idea of dressing room is unique because it is not covered with the doors, the curtains are used for making it give a different look and the creator of this idea is free to use any colored curtains with the design he/she likes.

pallets dressing

See the idea with the curtains opened, there is a look of the dressing room from inside. There are drawers and the space with the door in the lower level of the dressing room to store the items to avoid the mess. The idea doesn’t need to be painted for this idea.

pallets dressing room

This is a huge reclaimed wood pallet dressing room, the pallets are looking nice without the paint and they can be painted for making the area look funky if it is to be placed inside the girl’s room. This will eliminate the need of placing other furniture pieces in the room.

pallets dressing cabinet

The handles attached to the drawers and the doors are of silver color due to which the dressing room is giving a graceful look. The creator can also attach the handles of golden color, depending on the choice. The idea is great for fulfilling the dressing room requirement, which requires too much money if purchased from the market.

pallets dressing plan


pallets dressing cabinets

Created & Shared by: Thomas Dubois