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Repurposed Wood Pallets Made Kids Patio Playhouse

Kids require a place to play because they get bored and they ask to go to the park or any other place outside the home, which is not safe these days. We love to collect the ideas with which the kids can be made happy and here we are going to show one of those ideas, have a look at the repurposed wood pallet kid’s patio playhouse and copy it if you have enough space on your patio. The playhouse is huge to allow placing the furniture on its terrace and it will be loved by the kids.

Repurposed Wood Pallets Made Kids Patio Playhouse

Have a look at the playhouse and how neatly the creator of this idea has made it. The pallets can be used without the paint, but they are painted with brown color for this idea and then it is finalized with the glossy coating to add grace to it.

wooden pallet patio play house

Now see the playhouse with its full decoration and as we have said earlier, there is enough space to place the furniture on the terrace; you can see the seating arrangement outside the cabin. There are windows for passing the fresh air, which keeps the cabin fresh from inside.

wood pallet garden house

The reclaimed wood pallet kids patio playhouse is decorated with the small planters and the roof of the house is painted with dark green color. The windows are sliding to make it easy for the kids to open and close them according to the requirement.

pallets garden house


kids playhouse made with pallets

The playhouse is well adorned and made safe for the kids, the idea is huge and it is not placed directly on the ground; the legs are created for keeping it above the ground. There are safe stairs to reach the playhouse, it is looking like a small real house.

pallets made patio house

The space inside the shipping pallet playhouse is enough to place the toys and they can be left there because there is no worry of getting their damaged due to the weather or anything else. The roof is not created with the wood pallets, steel sheet is used to make the playhouse safe and it is a great idea.

recycled wooden pallets kids house

Created & Shared by: Carpinteria Albatros Lopez